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Dịch vụ

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The library is designed primarily as a research tool.

It is open to all research scholars working at the ENS and other institutions of higher education and research.
It is open to student-teachers and Master’s and Ph.D students at the ENS in Lyon and more generally to all students at Lyon University. It can also be used by Master’s and Ph.D students from other universities, subject to prior approval by staff in charge on the library’s holdings.
All the items of the IAO library are kept in storage and are available only through the librarians.

Opening hours

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9 am to 12 noon at the CR1.22 offices (first floor at the Diderot Library on the side facing the ENS de Lyon). For queries outside these hours, please contact :


Users must first register with the Diderot Library. Registration with the IAO research library takes effect with the first item loaned.

Lending conditions

Students: three items on loan for 15 days. Open-shelf items and periodicals may not be taken out. Renewal requests, by email only, must be made before the due dates and must be approved by LIEAS librarians. Renewals cannot be made by phone. There is a fine on all overdue items.

Persons in charge of LIEAS holdings

Chinese holdings: Zhang Yu
Japanese holdings: Miyuki Yamamoto
Vietnamese holdings: François Guillemot

For further information contact: