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Jean-Pascal BASSINO

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Jean-Pascal Bassino, professor of economics, ENS de Lyon, has been previously affiliated with the University of Montpellier (1994-2002 and 2007-2011), the Maison Franco-Japonaise de Tokyo (2002-2005), the Australian National University (2006-2007) and the University of Grenoble (2011-2013). His research interests include long run changes in living standards, biological well-being, and economic institutions in Japan and other East and Southeast Asian countries, industrial policies and business strategies in Asia, as well as related issues in environmental economics. He has been involved as consultant in applied studies in environmental economics for Plan Bleu (PAM/PNUE) and the World Bank. Recent works: Regional Inequality and Industrial Structure in Japan: 1874-2010. Tokyo, Maruzen, 2015 (with Fukao, K., Makino, T. Paprzycki, R. Settsu, T. Takashima, M, Tokui, J.), "Do Japanese MNCs use Expatriates to Contain Risk in Asian Host Countries?" (with M. Dovis and P. van der Eng), Asia Pacific Business Review, 2015, "Informational efficiency in the Tokyo Stock Exchange in the 1930s" (with T. Lagoarde-Segot), Economic History Review, 2015 (http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/ehr.12096/epdf), “From commodity booms to economic miracle; Why Southeast Asia industry lagged behind" (with Jeffrey G. Williamson), forthcoming In Kevin O’Rourke and Jeffrey G. Williamson eds. The spread of manufacturing to the global periphery. Oxford University Press (https://ideas.repec.org/p/cpr/ceprdp/10611.html#author-body), and “Biological well-being in late 19th century Philippines” (with Marion Dovis and John Komlos), forthcoming in Cliometrica (http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11698-016-0147-4).

Position and institution

Professor, ENS de Lyon, Department of social sciences

On CNRS research leave at the Institut français de recherche sur le Japon (UMIFRE 19 MAEDI-CNRS, Tokyo) for one year from September 1st, 2018.

Economics (CNU section 05)
Area of research specialisation

Quantitative economic history, development economics, environmental economics
Research projects

Participation in international research programmes:
- Since 2007, participation in the Global Price and Income History Group (U.S. National Science Foundation #SES0433358, #SES0649062, #SES0922531 ; project leader Peter Lindert, University of California, Davis). _ http://gpih.ucdavis.edu/
- Since 2013, participation in the PICS CNRS project: Natural capital, total stock of assets, internal migrations, and sustainable well-being: long-run dynamics in Japan (700-2010); team leaders : Jean-Pascal Bassino, IAO, ENS de Lyon, and Kyoji Fukao, IER, Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo (2014-2016).
Curriculum Vitae


Online Publications

"Informational efficiency in Tokyo stock exchange, 1931-40." (avec Thomas Lagoarde-Segot), Economic History Review, 2015

“Wages, prices, and living standards in China, 1738-1925: in comparison with Europe, Japan and India.” (avec R. Allen, D. Ma, C. Moll-Murata, et J. L. Van Zanden), Economic History Review (Wiley-Blackwell), 2011, 64 (S1), 8-13.

“Responses of economic systems to environmental changes: past experiences” (avec P. van der Eng), Australian Economic History Review (Wiley-Blackwell), 2010, 50 (1), 1-5.

戦前期日本の県内総生産と産業構造 “Gross prefectural domestic product and industrial structure in pre-war Japan, 1890-1940” (avec K. Fukao, T. Settsu and T. Yuan), Economic Review -Keizai Kenkyu (Iwanami) 2009, 60 (2) 163-189.

“Economic transformation and biological welfare in colonial Burma: regional differentiation in the evolution of average height” (avec P. Coclanis), Economics and Human Biology (Elsevier), 2008, 6, 212-227.

“Agricultural output and food supply in Meiji Japan: economic miracle or statistical artifact?” Economic Development and Cultural Change (University of Chicago Press), 2006, 54 (2), 503-520.

“Regional inequality in Japan, 1892-1941: Income, health, and stature”, Economics and Human Biology (Elsevier), 2006, 4, 62-88.

“Rice cultivation in southern Vietnam, 1880-1954: A reevaluation of land productivity in Asian perspective”, Liber Amicorum en l’honneur du Pr Konosuke Odaka, numéro spécial de la revue Keizai Shirin Hosei University Economic Review (Hosei University, Tokyo), 2006, 73 (4),

実質賃金の歴史的水準比較―中国・日本・南ヨーロッパ “Comparison of real wages and historical living standards in China, Japan and Southern Europe, 1700-1940” (avec D. Ma et O. Saito), Economic Review - Keizai Kenkyu (Iwanami), 2005, 56 (4), 348-369

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