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Developing scientific instruments for research in the human and social sciences is one of the Institute’s strong points, underpinned by an intensive use of new technologies and a deliberate choice to explore hitherto neglected sources. This is an approach that seeks to go beyond the confines of traditional modes of structuring research and its expression. Inevitably, it implies unceasing efforts to offer the scientific community a pool of shared tools and resources.

The icons on this page are links to the main sites developed by the IAO, either by itself or in collaboration. The various platforms can also be reached via two portals: VCEA : Visual Culture in East Asia - Cultures Visuelles en Asie orientale and Virtual Cities.


Site VECAThe VCEA : Visual Culture in East Asia - Cultures Visuelles en Asie orientale is the generic hub of the Lyon Institute of East Asian studies (IAO - UMR5062) for research projects drawing upon visual and cartographic materials.

Site Virtual CitiesThe Virtual Cities portal brings together various digital history projects on the cities of East Asia that are being developed by scholars at the IAO working with collaborators in France and abroad.


Site Virtual SaigonThe Virtual Saigon site seeks to write the history of Shanghai by combining photographs, maps, GIS tools and digital technologies.

Site Legalizing space in ChinaThe Legalizing space in China site consists of a translation of the Ming and Qing lüli, i.e. mainly the tiaoli which were codified from the 15th to the late 19th centuries.

Site Supplice chinoisLe Supplice chinois - Chinese torture is a multilingual database that brings critical scrutiny to bear on the myth of the "Chinese torture" which continues to distort our perception of Chinese realities.

Site VLCLe site Viêt-Nam Laos Cambodge, Research sources and tools was created in 2002 with a twofold purpose: offering students and scholars working in the social sciences and specializing in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia a tool to access the electronic data available on these three countries and to bringing their work into prominence.

Site Femmes et guerresThe Women and Wars site is dedicated to knowledge of the phenomena of war and their relation to gender in Vietnam.