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Nicolas LEPRETRE (レプレトル ニコラ)

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I am Ph.D. Candidate in Political Science, Temporary Lecturer and Research Assistant at Sciences Po Lyon. My studies focus on local governance of “green technologies” in Japan. I started with a master’s degree thesis on industrial reconversion strategies through recycling technologies, with the example of the “ecotown” of Kitakyushu, under the supervision of Prof. Philippe Pelletier. I am currently working for my Ph.D. thesis on the governance of smart communities in Japan, with a comparative analysis of Yokohama, Toyota, Kyoto Keihanna and Kitakyushu, under the supervision of Prof. Yveline Lecler. During my academic course, I lived more than two years in Japan, including a seven months’ research field in 2014 as a visiting fellow at the Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo, with a grant from the Japan Foundation for Doctoral Candidate.

Title and Institutional affiliation

ENS de Lyon
Disciplinary field

Political Science
Research field

Environmental policies in Japan ; local governance ; smart cities / communities ; developmental state ; energy policies
Research projects

« Public policies supporting green technologies’ implementation in urban areas: the smart communities’ initiative in Japan »

To promote green innovation and international standards for Japanese firms, the METI conducted in 2010 a large scale demonstration of next-generation project energy and social systems called Smart Communities, defined as a regional deployment of next-generation energy and social systems that combine in multiple ways concepts such as the coordinated use of energy (smart grid), and the transformation of regional transport systems and people’s lifestyle. Through four demonstration projects in Japan, the Japanese government aims at reducing the carbon emission in those areas, to support local industries to develop new technologies and standards, and to promote social systems with the participation of citizens during their daily life.

This study aims at understanding the recent trends of public policies in Japan by analyzing the promotion of green technologies in urban projects. Smart Communities seems to be an interesting case of study to determine the shift from a top/down public policy to a more complex dynamic crossing top/down and bottom/up policies, with competing policies from different ministries, and a local governance of environmental issues led by major local actors. This Ph.D thesis aims at contributing to the debates concerning the ‘developmental state’ in Japan, as well as understanding a new trend toward the implementation of smart cities in Japan.
Thesis advisor

Yveline Lecler
Curriculum Vitae

List of publications

Online publications

(2016) « Les transformations de l’action publique au prisme des réseaux électriques intelligents. Le cas des expérimentations de smart communities au Japon ». Thèse de doctorat de science politique de l’Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon sous la direction du professeure Yveline Lecler, soutenue le 28 novembre 2016, 499 pages, disponible sur : https://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/tel-01414743

(2016) avec LANGUILLON-AUSSEL Raphaël et GRANIER Benoit. « La stratégie de la « smart city » au Japon : expérimentations nationales et circulations globales », EchoGéo [En ligne], 36, disponible sur : http://echogeo.revues.org/14598.

(2016) « Les politiques énergétiques japonaises face aux enjeux environnementaux et aux changements technologiques », in Japan Analysis – La Lettre du Japon, n°39, avril 2016, p.3-11, disponible sur : http://www.centreasia.eu/publication/japan-analysis-39

(2015) « Quelle action publique pour la mise en œuvre de réseaux électriques « intelligents » ? Une analyse comparée des expérimentations de Smart Communities au Japon ». Congrès de l’AFSP, Aix-en-Provence, 22 juin, disponible sur : https://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/hal-01443976.

(2013) avec GRANIER B., “La politique climatique du Parti Démocrate du Japon, une rupture par rapport au Parti Libéral Démocrate ? (DPJ’s climate change policy, a breach from the LDP ?)”, Perspectives Internationales, publié le 8 mars 2013. http://perspectivesinternationales.com/?p=723

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