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Pierre-Emmanuel BACHELET

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PhD candidate in early modern history at the ENS de Lyon, under the supervision of Jean-Pascal Bassino and Masashi Haneda, I am currently working on early modern Japanese networks in Southeast Asia (16th-18th centuries). During my Master’s degree I worked on Champ kingdom and its relationships with the outside world during the age of commerce, studying in particular Chinese, Japanese and European maps. Given the importance of Japanese traders in Southeast Asia, I chose to focus on Japan-Southeast Asia relationships, more specifically on the Viêt states (Dai Viêt lordships), and by extension Campa and Cambodia, following the recent studies on global and connected history.

Title and Institutional affiliation

Ph.D. student, ENS de Lyon
Disciplinary field

History, East Asia and Southeast Asia early modern History
Research areas

Maritime History, Economic and Social History, History of Commerce, History of Cartography
Research projects

Dai Viêt and Campa in early modern Japanese networks in southeast Asia (16th-18th centuries)

My project deals with commercial, diplomatic, religious networks set by the Japanese in Southeast Asia and show that Viêt lordships, as well as Cambodia and Champa, are the core of that system. The Japanese go there to buy silk from Viêt and Chinese traders and sell their silver. I will also show that the maritime restriction edicts (1630’s) do not lead to the vanishing of Japanese as major players in regional trade, nor do they interrupt diplomatic relationships between Japan and its main partners, including Dai Viêt.
Thesis advisor

Jean-Pascal Bassino (ENS de Lyon), Masashi Haneda (Tokyo University)
Curriculum Vitae



English: fluent
Japanese: advanced (reading) intermediate (spoken).
Vietnamese: intermediate (reading) basic (spoken).
Sanskrit: advanced (Three-year diploma, Lyon III University)