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Séminaire de l’IAO : Martin Grossheim

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Séminaire de l'IAO : Martin Grossheim"The East German ’Stasi’ and Vietnam : Between ’proletarian internationalism’ and distrust"
Martin Grossheim, Adjunct Professor, Passau University,Germany
25 septembre 2014, Salle de réunion de l’IAO (R66), de 14h30 à 16h00

Résumé : This presentation will examine how the former East German Ministry of State Security commonly known as ‘Stasi’ contributed to state building and “modernization” in North Vietnam by providing considerable aid to Hanoi’s security apparatus during and after the Vietnam War. At the same time, it will show that the mutual cooperation was not unlimited and present the monitoring of Vietnamese students studying in East Germany by both the North Vietnamese and the GDR’s intelligence apparatus as the most prominent example of mutual mistrust. The presentation draws mainly on untapped Stasi files on this inter-communist cooperation and official Vietnamese language histories of the Ministry of Public Security in Hanoi.