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With a wealth of experience and expertise to offer in Asian studies, the Lyon Institute of East Asian Studies (IAO) is fully committed to training for research. Eight members of our team are qualified and accredited directors of Ph. D theses. The activity of our research team revolves around a monthly research seminar, doctoral workshops and symposiums.

Since Autumn 2009, the IAO has bolstered its position in high-level doctoral training through a joint PhD programme organised with the University of Tohoku in Japan under the latter’s ambitious Global Center of Excellence project. The IAO is also heavily involved in the training of doctoral students under an agreement between the Ecole Normale Supérieure schools in Lyon, Cachan and Ulm and the East China Normal University (Shanghai). IAO members also sit on dissertation committees at Stanford and UC Berkeley and on PhD examination juries in many other countries.

The IAO runs three pedagogical training programmes: two Master’s research degrees and one University Diploma (DUMEOC) These are the:

-Master in Political Science jointly accredited by the IEP de Lyon, the ENS de Lyon and University of Lyon 2
-Master in Chinese Studies jointly accredited by the ENS de Lyon and the University of Lyon 3.
-University Diploma (DEMEOC), a special diploma conferred by the IEP de Lyon

The Institute also participates in a program of Asian Legal Studies run by the University of Lyon 3

Basic courses, courses in methodology and research seminars are conducted on our own premises by the IAO’s teacher/research staff who also supervise dissertations and theses. Three to five doctoral theses and a considerably greater number of MA dissertations are supervised and presented every year.