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Translation Workshop

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Workshop organised by the University of Chicago, Center for East Asian Studies and Legalizing Space in China (LSC) Project, 17-21 September 2017

The statutes selected for this workshop come from sections of the Qing Code devoted to criminal procedure. This focus will give an insight into the administrative and procedural mechanisms of the Qing legal system to bring to each of us diverse research endeavors.

The translation teams are as listed below :

Group A : Statutes 314, 411, 422 : Maura, Tom, Yiying, Luca, Du Jin, Alec
Group B : Statutes 394, 396, 416 : Frederic, Dan, Janet, Tian Yuan, Chiu Pengsheng
Group C : Statute 409 : Jerome, Nancy, Wang Zhiqiang, Johanna, Stephanie, Andy

See the schedule on the LSC Projet website