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photo Paul VAN DER GRIJP

Paul van der Grijp, professor of anthropology, University Lumière Lyon, has been appointed previously at the University of Science and Technology of Lille (2005-2008), at the University of Provence Aix-Marseilles (1998-2005), at the University of Utrecht (1988-1998) and at the University of Nijmegen (1979-1987). Between 1988 and 1993 he was researcher of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. He has been a visiting professor of various European universities (Ljubjana; Maynouth; Sienna; Stockholm; Turin; Vienna), in North America (University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu) and, several times, in East Asia (Academia Sinica, Taiwan). His present interests focuses on the anthropology of art and material culture in East Asia, in particular artists, collectors and museums in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. In the past, he conducted economic and political-anthropological research in the South Pacific. Recent books include Passion and Profit: Towards an Anthropology of Collecting (Berlin: Lit Verlag, 2006); Art and Exoticism: An Anthropology of the Yearning for Authenticity (Berlin: Lit Verlag, 2009); Manifestations of Mana: Political Power and Divine Inspiration in Polynesia (Berlin: Lit Verlag, 2014); and, a volume co-edited with Thomas Fillitz, Contemporary Anthropology of Art: Challenges, Research Agendas, and Interdisciplinary Collaboration (New York, work in progress).

Position and institution

Professor, Department of Anthropology, University Lumière Lyon.

Cultural and Social Anthropology
Area of research specialisation

Anthropology of Art and Material Culture; Economic and Political Anthropology; History, Theories and Methods of Anthropology
Research projects

Individual project:
Triangular Creation Networks: Artists, Collectors and Museums in Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Collective project:
Triangular Art Networks in Taiwan: Artists, Collectors and Museums. Project leader of a Chiang Ching-kuo Project with French-Taiwanese partnership.
Curriculum Vitae

On line publication

The Sacred Gift: Donations from Private Collectors to Museums. Museum Anthropology Review 8(1): 22-44, 2014, (on line with open access).

(For other references see CV).
Supervision Ph.D. theses

Fashioning Alterity through Design: Sino-American trajectories, Styles, and Clothes in the Making in New York” (in French) by Leyla Belkaïd-Neri at the University Lumière Lyon. Defense March 17, 2015.

Making Tourism out of Japanese Pop Culture: Cultural Legitimacy by Crossing Exotic Points of View” (in French) by Clothilde Sabre at the University of Science and Technology of Lille, February 7, 2012.

In Search of Authenticity: ‘Ethnic’ Tourism in New Zealand and Tonga Today” (in French) by Aurélie Condevaux at the University of Provence, Aix-Marseille, September 20, 2011.

Hunters of Devils and Collectors of Art: Conversation Efforts of the Asmat by Protestant and Roman Catholic Pioneer Missionaries (Irian Jaya, Indonesia)” (in French) by Astrid De Hontheim at the University of Provence and the Free University of Brussels, March 20, 2007.

The Realization of Power: A System Analysis of the Scientific Work of Maurice Godelier” (in Dutch) by Cornelia van Dalen at the University of Utrecht, co-supervisor 1992.

English, German, Dutch, several Austronesian languages, educated in classic Greek and Latin.