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GUAN Xiaojing (關笑晶)

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Guan Xiaojing

Fonction et institution

Research fellow at the Manchu Study Institute, Beijing Academy of Social Sciences.

Guan Xiaojing is currently a research fellow at the Manchu Study Institute, Beijing Academy of Social Sciences. She received her Ph.D. from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in History ; her major research is in Manchu history, culture and the Bannerman society in Qing Dynasty, with as derived topics : Religion of the Banners people, temple inscriptions in Manchu language, etc.. She recently published articles on a synoptic stele written in Manchu and Chinese, on stone inscriptions in Banner people’s temples in Beijing, and on homicides cases involving Banner People as found in the Archives.

She already came for one month to IAO in 2014 for participating to the research project “Legalizing Space in China”, headed by Jérôme Bourgon, and she delivered a conference on the Banner system on this occasion. Since Sept. 2016, she is invited by the Collegium de Lyon for 10 months, to lead a research on “Homicides in Manchu Banners at the light of the First Historical Archives in Beijing,” in cooperation with Jérôme Bourgon.

Manchu-Han relationship ; Bannerman society

Ph.D., History, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (2012) ; M.A., Literature (Manchu Language and Literature),Heilongjiang University (2009).
Projet de recherche

As Project leader :

-Since Dec. 2012 : The Temples and the Banner People Society in Qing Dynasty Beijing “清代北京寺廟與旗人社會”( China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, No. 2013M540878)

-Since Sept. 2016 : The Research of the Multi-ethnics Community in Qing Beijing : Based on the Collection and Translation of Manchu Language Inscriptions “清代北京滿文碑刻史料的翻譯整理與北京多民族共同體精神研究” ( China National Social Science Foundation, No.16CMZ006 )

As a team member

-Since January 2013 : Legalizing Space in China : The Shaping of the imperial territory through a multi-layered legal system “明清中國傳統法律地圖”(LSC , headed by Jerome Bourgon (IAO/ENS de Lyon) and Luca Gabbiani (EFEO) : development of the database on judicial cases and their geolocation.

-Since 2012 A history of Beijing temples through inscriptions on stone steles, “北京寺廟碑刻與社會史”,project headed by Marianne Bujard, in turn heads of the Beijing Center of Ecole Française d’Extrême Orient. Chief editor for the Chinese materials publication, resulting in《北京內城寺廟碑刻志》第四卷,國家圖書館出版社 (Monograph on the temple steles of Beijing Inner city,Chinese National Library Press, 2016.
Curriculum Vitae

Dates de séjour à l’IAO

septembre 2016- juillet 2017
Tél : 04 37 37 65 28