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IAO New Year’s Wishes

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Béatrice Jaluzot, Director, and the team of Lyon’s Institute for East-Asian Studies, wish you a happy new year 2017. Be this year dedicated to Asia and may it connect us more and more beyond barriers and frontiers and contribute to mutual understanding.

Since September 2016, after the end of Jean-Pascal Bassino’s mandate, I became in charge with the Institute with the support of Romain Graziani as deputy-director. Our supporting institutions, the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon and the CNRS as well as Lyon’s Institute for Political Studies and Lyon 2 University, are deeply engaged in our project, which aims at understanding societies in East-Asian Countries. This year our team has been strengthened with two more CNRS researchers : François Robinne (DR, anthropology, South-East Asia and Myanmar), Arnaud Nanta (CR, contemporary history, Japan-Korea).

As for 2016, the Institute has published books, articles, papers, special issues of reviews, altogether, more than 30 times. It supports three website dedicated to various research projects. Digital humanities play an essential role as a research tool and it complete our library, dedicated to Asian human sciences. Our Research center backs two university degree, an under-graduate degree DEMEOC and a graduate degree : ASIOC.

The major collaborative projects started under J.P. Bassino’s leadership are ongoing : « Legalizing space in China » (J. Bourgon, dir.) , « Virtual Saigon » (L. Gedeon, F. Guillemot, E. Senna), « War made Shanghai : Toward a spatial history of 19th-20th century Shanghai » (C. Henriot, dir., C. Cornet, Shi Lu and E. Senna), « Art and Everydayness in Japan and France » (E. Domenach).

Many other projects are under way to conclusion, related to Chinese classical thought on Politics (R. Graziani) or to sock of natural capital related to living standard in Japan (J. B. Bassino). New research are forthcoming : on legal reform in Japan and France (B. Jaluzot dir.), on Myanmar studies (F. Robinne), on colonial knowledge in East-Asia (A. Nanta)…

Here is a short incomplete overview of our activities, for you to feel the spirit of our research Institute.