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Japanese law, French Law, what are the lessons for legal reform ?

Affiche colloque Droit Japonais droit françaisMarch 17th 2017 - Sciences-po Lyon, salle du conseil
March 18th 2017 - ENS de Lyon, Site Descartes - salle du conseil

The conference is devoted to international dialogue on law, between Japanese, French and German jurists, from the standpoint of legal reform.

Japan and France have introduced a codified legal system, whose stability represents one of its major assets. However, codified law may also tend to inflexibility toward social change so that its perpetuation depends on legal reform. Yet, poorly conducted legal reform may cause distrust toward law and toward its suitability as a social regulator, leading, in the end, to social instability

This brings up numerous questions : Who ? How ? Why ? Who shall reform ? How to reform while preserving fundamental rules ? How to adapt legislation without misrepresenting law ? How to set goals for a legal reform ? How to meet social needs ? Which methods are appropriate ? How to evaluate the results of legal reforms ? Etc

In national as well as in international law, legal reform is pervasive in private substantive law, for instance in the law of obligations, of personal status, business, labor law and so on.. A major characteristic of contemporary legal reforms shall will also be addressed as it is substantially interconnected with legal globalization.


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