GUAN Xiaojing

Research fellow at the Manchu Study Institute, Beijing Academy of Social Sciences
Chercheure invitée, dates de séjour à l’IAO : du 15/09/2016 au 15/07/2017
Courriel : guan_xiaojing[at]

Photo_Guan XiaojingGuan Xiaojing is currently a research fellow at the Manchu Study Institute, Beijing Academy of Social Sciences. Her major research is on religion of the Banners people, temple inscriptions in Manchu language, and on homicides cases involving Banner People as found in the archives etc.. Her recently leading project is on studying the multi-ethnics community in Qing Beijing based on the translation of Manchu language inscriptions, which granted by China National Social Science Foundation. Since Sept. 2016, she was invited by the Collegium de Lyon for 10 months, to lead a research on “Homicides in Manchu Banners at the light of the First Historical Archives in Beijing,” in cooperation with Prof. Jérôme Bourgon. As an outcome, a database based on more than 2500 archival documents has been built.

Domaines disciplinaires

Ancient History of China


Qing and Manchu History
Manchu Language
Qing Legal History


Ph.D., History, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (2012) ;
M.A., Literature (Manchu Language and Literature),Heilongjiang University (2009).

Projet de recherche

– Since Dec. 2012 : The Temples and the Banner People Society in Qing Dynasty Beijing “清代北京寺廟與旗人社會”( China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, No. 2013M540878)
– Since Sept. 2016 : The Research of the Multi-ethnics Community in Qing Beijing : Based on the Collection and Translation of Manchu Language Inscriptions “清代北京滿文碑刻史料的翻譯整理與北京多民族共同體精神研究” ( China National Social Science Foundation, No.16CMZ006 )
– Since Sept.2016 to July.2017 : Homicides in Manchu Banners. A Research Based on the First Historical Archives in Beijing (Granted by Institut d’études avancées de Lyon and IAO, ENS de Lyon)

Publications récentes

Guan Xiaojing (as the second author , chief editor by Marianne Bujard ), 《北京內城寺廟碑刻志》,國家圖書館出版社,2017. Monograph on the temple steles of Beijing Inner city,Chinese National Library Press, 2017.

Guan Xiaojing, 《 四方府州縣學之首——明清順天府儒學的營建、廢弛與重整 》,《滿學論叢》(第六輯). The Establishment, Abandon and Restoration of the Confucian school of Peking in the late Imperial of China, Manchu Studies Journal, 2017.

Guan Xiaojing 《 蟠桃宮滿、漢合璧<太平宮碑>考述》,《國際滿學青年學者論壇論文集》,2017年。A survey of the Taiping gongbei synoptic stele written in Manchu and Chinese in the palace of Pantao gong in Beijing), The Collection of International Manchu Study Young Scholar Forum, 2017.

Guan Xiaojing, 《 清代北京旗人寺廟碑刻考述 》,《法國漢學》第十七輯,A survey of Stone inscriptions in the temples of Beijing Banner people, Faguo Hanxue, Sinologie Francaise XVII, 2016.

Guan Xiaojing, 《<刑科題本>中的“旗人命案”簡述》,《滿學論叢》(第五輯),2016年。The Cases of Homicides Involving Banner People in the Archives of the Board of Punishment under the Qing, Manchu Studies Journal, 2016.

Guan Xiaojing,《廟會與清季北京旗人生活——以<閑窗錄夢>為例》,《滿學論叢》(第五輯)The Temple Fair and the life of Banner People in Late Qing——Base on a Diary Xian Chuang Lu Meng written in Manchu.,Manchuology Studies, volume 5, 2015

Langues étrangères pratiquées

English, French, Japanese, Manchu
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