Asia and the Secular

Pascal Bourdeaux, Eddy Dufourmont, André Laliberté and Rémy Madinier (éds.), Asia and the Secular: Francophone Perspectives in a Global Age, De Gruyter, 2022. 247 pages.

This volume looks at the secular state in the context of contemporary Asia and investigates whether there existed before modernity antecedents to the condition of secularity, understood as the differentiation of the sphere of the religious from other spheres of social life. The chapters presented in this book examine this issue in national contexts by looking at the historical formation of lexicons that defined the "secular", the "secular state," and "secularism". This approach requires paying attention to modern vernacular languages and their precedents in written traditions with often a very long tradition. This book presents three interpretive frameworks: multiple modernities, variety of secularisms, and typologies of post-colonial secular states.