Domestic Law and Slavery in Late Imperial China: Glimpses from Lineage Registers

Claude Chevaleyre, “Domestic Law and Slavery in Late Imperial China. Glimpses from Lineage Registers.” Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 81 (1-2), 39-65 (special issue “Slavery in Early Modern East, Inner, and Southeast Asia”).

Over the past century, the late imperial Chinese nubi system has been the subject of numerous studies. Depicted as a highly exploitative mode of labor coercion, it has nonetheless been radically differentiated from slavery. In this article, I explore how nubi were conceptualized in late imperial China through the lens of lineages’ domestic regulations and admonitions. [Lire la suite]
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Small Image of Rãgavidyiarãja (J. Aizen Myōō) in a Circular Shrine, Kamakura ca. 1292. Wood; cinnabar-red pigment applied to the background; bow-and-arrow of thin metal wire; dia. 3.2 cm. Harvard Art Museums/Arthur M. Sackler Museum, Partial and promised gift of Walter C. Sedgwick in memory of Ellery Sedgwick Sr. and Ellery Sedgwick Jr., 2019.122.6. Photo: Imaging Department © President and Fellows of Harvard College.