Gongga Laoren (1903-1997), Her Role in the Spread of Tibetan Buddhism

Fabienne Jagou, Gongga Laoren (1903-1997), Her Role in the Spread of Tibetan Buddhism, Leiden, Brill (Studies on East Asian Religions 4), 2021.

Through the biography of an unusual Manchu Chinese female devotee who contributed to the spread of Tibetan Buddhism in Taiwan, the book provides a new angle at looking at Sino-Tibetan relations by bringing issues of gender, power, self-representation, and globalization. Gongga Laoren’s life, actions and achievements show the fundamental elements behind the successful implementation of Tibetan Buddhism in a Han cultural environment and highlights a process that has created new expectations within communities, either Tibetan or Taiwanese, working in political, economic, religious and social contexts that have evolved from martial law in the 1960s to democratic rule today.