Work Semantics / Semantiken der Arbeit

« Work Semantics », Die Österreichische Zeitschrift für Geschichtswissenschaften (OeZG) 34 (2), 2023, numéro spécial dirigé par Claude Chevaleyre et Juliane Schiel.

Editorial :
Claude Chevaleyre, Juliane Schiel. Editorial: Work Semantics: In Search of an Alternative Conceptual Matrix for Labour and Social Historians. Österreichische Zeitschrift für Geschichtswissenschaften/Austrian Journal of Historical Studies, 2023, 34 (2), pp.9-17. 

The idea for the project presented in this volume began with an encounter and a discovery. When we – a medievalist and a sinologist – first met in autumn 2017, we realised that although we came from different disciplines and worked on different regions and time periods, we were struggling with the same problem: As historians working on slaving practices in the Venetian empire (14th–16th centuries) respectively servitude in late imperial China (15th–19th centuries), we were both spending much of our time explaining the contextual differences and similarities between the social configurations we were studying to the broader community of social, labour, and global historians. [Lire la suite]
Lire la suite]">
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Bd. 34 Nr. 2 (2023): Work Semantics / Semantiken der Arbeit