Research Associate & Doctoral Fellow
Bonn Center for Dependency and Slavery Studies (BCDSS), University of Bonn, Germany
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Anas Ansar
Anas Ansar

Anas Ansar is a research associate at the Bonn Centre for Dependency and Slavery Studies, University of Bonn, Germany, where he is also pursuing his PhD in Development Studies. Anas completed his bachelor degree in International Relations from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. He later obtained a joint master’s degree in International Migration from Germany, Switzerland, Norway and Check Republic as an Erasmus Mundus Fellow. For the past ten years, Anas has been working on labour migration, women migration from Bangladesh to the Gulf states, refugee governance in Bangladesh-Myanmar borderlands and climate- induced displacement in South Asia. Apart from his ongoing PhD work, his current research focuses on diaspora identity formation in digital space and the promises and pitfalls of digital transformations in forced migration contexts.

Domaines disciplinaires / Discipline

Migration and Development Studies

Spécialité/ Area of research specialisation

Social Cost of Migration, Migration and Labour, Forced Displacement, Digital Diaspora, Transnationalism

Projet de recherche/ Research projects

The Ambivalent Everyday Lives and the Geography of Precarity : Rohingya Refugees in Southeast Asia

Revisiting Onward Migration and Transnational Social Fields: Towards a New Geograpy of Ways of Belonging

Digital Diaspora Activism at the Margins: Unfolding Rohingya Diaspora Interactions on Facebook (20172022)

Recent Publications

Khaled A.F. & Ansar A. (2023). Bangladesh’s ready-made garments sector rebound: Revisiting gendered labor precarity and dependency. Asian Journal of Comparative Politics (SAGE).

Ansar A. & Khaled, A.F. (2023). In search of a Rohingya digital diaspora: virtual togetherness, collective identities and political mobilisation. Humanities and Social Science Communications (Nature) 10, 61 (2023).

Rashid, S. R., Ansar, A., & Khaled, A. F. (2022). “The pandemic has added to my miseries”: Bangladeshi migrant workers’ social protection revisited. Asian Journal of Comparative Politics (SAGE), 0(0). 

Ansar A. And Khaled, A.F. (2022). Claiming Space and Contesting Gendered Refugeehood in Exile: Issues and factors of Rohingya refugee Women’s Civic Engagement in Diaspora. International Quarterly for Asian Studies.

Ansar A. (2022). Bangladeshi women migrants amidst the COVID-19 pandemic: Revisiting globalization, dependency and gendered precarity in South-South labour migration. Journal of Global Networks (WILEY).

Ansar A. And Khaled, A.F. (2021). From solidarity to resistance: host communities’ evolving response to the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. Journal of International Humanitarian Action (SPRINGER). 

Ansar A. (2020),
The Unfolding of Belonging, Exclusion and Exile: A Reflection on the History of Rohingya Refugee Crisis in Southeast Asia. In: Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs (Routledge). 

Langues étrangères pratiquées / Languages

English, Bengali, Rohingya, Hindi, French, German

Curriculum Vitae

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